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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Batman #1 Review

Now honestly, I have read like a million Batman stories.....OK...not a million, I seriously doubt I've read a million books, and the majority of those would be comics. But Honestly was expecting more from this Batman number one. It wasn't a particularly horrible book, the story was solid, the art was nice, but considering it is Batman's first book to get this generation was just typical. They introduce the bat family ( I dig how Dick, Tim, Damien, and Bruce all interact like family), it starts off with a bang that holds an unexpected twist, and ends with an unexpected twist.

Some high points, Harvey Bullock and Batman having a decent back and forth at a crime scene investigation and the opening fight was nicely done.

Some low points, some crazy notion that Batman needs contact lenses that get this......connected to the Bat-Computer, that feed him information that he hears inside his head....Really? Now if they had to go that route why not just use goggles or a helmet, dude, I would even buy eye glasses that would give him intell as needed......but contact lenses? I'm pretty easy when it comes to comics or movies....ask anyone....if its remotley cool I will dig it....even for a second....but I even winced at the contact lens bat computer (almost as bad as the hover cycles in static shock...thats another story)

Would i recommend this book......meh.....its not unentertaining, the sucker that I am I am going to buy issue two. But if you are looking for the reinvention of the wheel its not going to happen. I read Rob Liefield and Jim Lee mention on twitter the other day that the purpose of these new books were to give new readers a chance to get in without having to worry about continutiy....if i can Paraphrase Lee, "You wouldnt start watching The Sopranos in the last season would you?" So I do recommend this book for those of you who want to read a Batman book and never knew where to start, this is great for that. Check the pages below and decide for yourself. let me know what you think in the comment section......PEACE!!

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