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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hidden Treasure: Vanquish is Over the Top but Fun!!

So you know the're broke, wanna play a new game but not to sure what to get. I was at Gamestop and a brother saw my TROUBLE. He worked there and tried to persuade me on some games before. He pointed out the game Vanquish. I saw the cover and was not too impressed but dude really beamed over it and it only cost 11 bucks!! I figured why not. you can buy a used game and return it in 7days if it sucks right?

I was pleasantly surprised.
The story is crappy.
The acting is cheesy.
....but there is a saving grace........

.......that was all i really needed to hook me in. Now I  also enjoyed being able to speed past enemies at breakneck speeds, and having quick reaction time that allow you to easily take down enemies. The battles and the Bosses don't disappoint either....Vanquish is such a game that blends between challenging and to easy......You will at least play some levels more than once, because it pulls you in. Check out the game play trailer and leave a comment at the bottom. Peace.
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