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Thursday, September 15, 2011

How Inception Should Have Ended.

I dont know if you've seen them or not but the "How it should have Ended" (HISHE) is all the rage on youtube. They take a movie and animate it and redo the ending asking questions we would have asked, then ending it that way. Like how did the events in 2012 come together so perfectly? They should have died instantly. Why didnt the scientist in Spiderman 3 not check to see if a bird or a human was in the machine that mutated Sandman? Couldnt Superman just catch both missles in the original Superman? I mean....he's fricken Superman!! The results are usually hilarious (to me anyways) and easy to find on youtube. The channel is HISHE. Check the inception vid out above and let me know what up. Peace!!!
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