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Monday, September 5, 2011

Invincible 82 Preview

Ya know, they say nothing sells your comics better than half naked ladies on the cover. Fortunatly for Image comics this book doesnt need that to boost sales. Invincible is about a boy who is the son of a "Superman" level hero has to deal with the ultimate betrayal and the nonstop troubles that follow. This issue has Mark (Invincible) visiting Stronhold Prision (for super criminals) to deal with a recent change in approach he has been wanting to make with the villans he has been fighting. Universa is at the top of his list and he see's what he can do about her release. but will she be accepting of it. Also, Mark and Cecil seem to come to some kind of middle ground, Robot is back and feeling mighty depressed, but about what? And what about Monstergirl? Also Dinosaurus and Re-Animen!!!
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