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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marty McFly, Nike, and Lupe too.

In 1985 when I went to go see Back to the Future with my little brother Aschanti, and older cousin Corey, at the dollar movies.....we just thought we were going to see a regular old movie.....nothing special. At the end right before the credits we saw there was a big "TO BE CONTINUED" mixed up in there....and the car got up...AND LITERALLY FLEW OFF THE SCREEN......our mouths dropped open and we said "whoa".

Of course we were at BTTF 2 (Back to the Future 2) opening weekend. Who knew when we saw the sequel there would be even more coolness. But hoover boards, flying cars, self adjusting jackets, and self lacing much awesomeness. So now Nike has brought the really fresh look of the shoe from BTTF 2 to our times now. If you have a true inner geek inside of you, this is a big deal. To have something cool from a movie right at our grasp. Of course nike made only 1500 of the authentic looking ones....but I hear conflicting sourcea say there will be replicas out. What do you think of these shoes. Comment below and in the spirit of Marty McFly, check out Lupe Fiascos song of the same name up top if you havent already. Peace!!
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