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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hulk vs. Hal

I have always wanted to see a fight between The Green Lantern and The Hulk. Why you may see which one was the most stubborn will. Think about it.....any GL's power is only as strong as his Will. And the madder Hulk gets....The Stronger he gets. So could the Will of Hal Jordan Break through the unstoppable rage of the Hulk?

Hulk. Personally...I believe the Hulk can whoop the stuffing outta most spandex wearing (or CGI wearing if you are going the movie route) in the DCU, DCnU, Marvel, and Image universes......the Green Lantern would be no different. 

Of course Hal would be a formidable foe, but the more he would throw ate the hulk would only enrage him. Cage constructs, weapons, bombs, 20 ton weights, nothing would stop the green Goliath. Hulk would turn all of Hal's best tricks against him. Finally in a last ditch effort to stop him....Hal would link a chain around his neck and pull him into space to see if that wouldn't at least suck the air out of him and it would have almost done the trick but the Hulk yanks the chain back towards him, grabs The Green Lantern and Hurls him back to earth, leaving a huge smoking crater.

What do you think? Am I nuts? Can the Hal STOMP a mud hole into the Hulk. Give me your feedback in the comments section or write me a short story about how you think it would go down.
Art by: Al Williams
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