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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Static Shock Writer says Peace

Just as soon as the series begins anew at DC, John Rozum, the writer of the series, decides to call it quits in a statement he had this to say:

"I am announcing that I have resigned from the DC Comics seriesStatic Shock," Rozum wrote on his blog this week. "I'm not giving any details at this time, but before speculation begins I'd like to say a few things which I hope will curtail a lot of unwarranted hostility and placing of blame where it shouldn't be placed.....
"My decision to leave was of my own choice I was not fired. My decision to leave [also] had nothing to do with the character of Static. I think Static is a great character with loads of potential, which I hope will get exploited."

 I'm sure Rozum has his own personal reasons why he is leaving and I hope what ever they are happen to be positive and not a deeper issue, but concerning Static, I really want there to be care and thought taken with him. Rozum said he has tons of potential.....but honestly, in my absolute realistic good as all these 52 books are, I honestly have never heard sooo much acclaim for sooo many comics all at once....we gotta be realistic....MORE THAN A FEW ARE BOUND TO FAIL......and i really hope not.  

Will everybody continue to buy all 52 books? And if some start to fall off DC, for obvious reasons, will definitely save Supes, Bats, JL, and books like that way before they save Static......I just hope they get a good writer who can give the attention and care to keep Dwayne McDuffie's vision and passion for the character going. What do you this a prelude to a shut down....or am I being a little pessimistic? Peace!!
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