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Friday, September 23, 2011

Superman in Action Comics #1

Now I have been in many a-battles with many a-fanboys over Superman. ” He is such a lame character”.......... ” Nothing can hurt him so whats the point”. But in my opinion (feel free to form your own), Superman is one of the coolest characters, if not one of my all time favorites. In the new Superman in Action Comics #1, the new style he is written in has Superman not quite as powerful as he has been in recent print. Its almost as if Grant Morrison (the writer) is putting Kal-el back into his 1940s know....where he could only leap tall buildings as opposed to being able to fly. He also get knocked around pretty badly a few times with little to no effort at all.
His relationship with Lois and Jimmy are way different  also. But there seems to be room for some major growth. One thing that seems on point with the rest of the Superman mythos is Lex Luthors hatred for the guy. He also is still just as crafty and just as twisted as ever.
The thing thats going to eat me up is that even with these ”upgrades”, people will still find a way to gripe about the character and what he cant do. I always found Supes intresting based on the fact he has to exhibit amazing self control....a type of control no one will ever have. In a discussion I heard at a comic book shop a while back ago....these guys were saying, this is why God never made real Superheroes.....because humanity would just abuse that kind of power. Look at some of the guys we have in our highest offices and how power is abused. Could you imagine all politicians with Supermans integrity?
In any case he may not have that type of integrity in this ” new 52” version. Check out the small preview below. I would most def recommend this book. The art flows smoothly, (Rags Morales is the artist) the story hooks you in, even if you are not a Superman fan it has a great entry point that might make you believe that man can....leap...Peace!!

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