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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tokidoki Marvel Frenzies

Well....I was at my local Comic Book shop (shoutout to Keith's Comics on the corner of Midway and Trinity mills in Carrollton, Tx) and as I was checking out, I saw a few of these little keychain trinkets...

Now I'm always a sucker for a little toy, comic, or movie ”swagola” and this time was no different. Marvel Frenzies from, has these Marvel toys in a ” Mystery box” and you never know what your gonna get.
I was able to get Invisible girl, Thor, and master of magnetism himself Magneto!!

They are simple looking creations which is what I enjoy about it. They kinda put you into the mind of keychained style mighty mugs. Online they are said to be priced a whooping $5. 96....but at my comic book store its only .59 if you get the chance...check out these mini Marvels and let me know what u think...peace

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