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Monday, October 17, 2011

Africa's Batman: Enter Batwing

Only Batman is cold enough to use a super gun.
Wait....NOW MY BATMAN IS BLACK TOO? Bruce Wayne, the original Batman, Died. He battled Darksied and as he used a gun he made to kill the intergalactic tyrant. a "mere mortal" walked up so cool and BUSTED a "RADION" CAP in the very dude who used to bring Superman too his knees. Of course he was hit with Darkseid's Omega Sanction and that was it. But lets be real......this is a comic book......and much like Soap Operas, Pro wrestling, no one really TRULY dies.....Good old Darkseid actually just shot old Bats to the prehistoric past.
Now the title of this article is mentions Batman is now black......Gotta say BATMAN IS STILL WHITE, but he started a little something upon his return called Batman Incorporated. This is a way to make a the symbol of Batman into an international Army, with it's soldiers stomping all over the world using "Batman" as an idea as opposed to just a person.

Batwing is a cop by day
ENTER BATWING: David Zavimbe is a pretty fricken good cop. It's a very hard thing to come by in the North Africa area where he lives (Tinasha) where corruption and bribes run rampant. So its no big surprise that Bruce (Batman) hand picked him to be the "Batman" of that continent. Batwing. He has everything that batman has at his disposal.....complete with his very own bat-cave, cool weapons, and his very own Alfred (Matu Ba)

He sports a pretty fresh suit of armor
Issue #1: This was the big intro into the series where we got to learn about David as a Character. It was Launched with the DC New 52 reboot and has enjoyed pretty good acclaim. it shows Batwing fighting a different type of criminal that was don't see in Gotham. There are still drug dealers and mad men but its put in the back drop of the political struggles in Africa.We find David fighting a dude so tough he would give Bane a brief chill. wearing a skull for a mask, Massacre. This guy is a straight stone cold killer. from the opening battle with Batwing to the seeming ly finishing blow he deals to him in the end. They really matched up a good balance for him to play off of with this villain. I really enjoyed this book and felt the spirit of Batman in it without it exactly copying Batman....David is his own man and it will be interesting to see where the creation team takes him.

Issue #2: This was a continuation of the shocking events in issue one. We find David critically injured after seeing just about all of his fellow officers decapitated. He awakes in his batcave (called HAVEN) and Matu, his assistant has been taking care of him, meanwhile Massacre is on a rampage killing all of Africa's former Super Heroes. This book does a great job of grabbing the reader in. The series is masterfully written by Real World San Francisco alum, Judd Winick and drawn with the beautiful art of Ben Oliver. Not to familiar with Ben's work but I am a fan now and i have always enjoyed Judd's Storytelling style.

Already has an arch Nemisis that gives him a good fight: Massacre
Batwing as a character is not as stealthy as Batman but he is quick and a very, very, good detective. He has an impressive suit of Armor which I would guess to be to compensate for him not being as "well trained" as Batman. It also helps him get around without the need of a Batmobile.

Got to tip the hat to DC for actually giving a number of their brand new books Black Superheroes. But Comics in general are cool with showcasing black heroes and the fans are good about picking up the books. Unlike Hollywood where there is tons of discrimination in film. Not saying there isn't a large amount of it in Comics, but your black character can survive easier in print than on film.

If you haven't checked it out yet issues one and two are available. What do you think of these changes and using black people in the place of popular characters? Do you think you will be picking up Batwing? Peace!!!

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