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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Invincible #83 review

The Tether Tyrant and Magmananic suck as super villians ....everything they have done, even going legit, has ended in embarrassing failure. But if they are lucky, that's about to change.......

Invincible #83 is full of the drama we have ALL come to love from a Robert Kirkman yarn. It picks up where it left off, with Mark in a room with Cecil surrounded by ReAnimen (dead men who have been reanimated as drones to be used as super-powered soldiers). This time they were made out the "alternate" Invincibles that were killed when the earth was attacked. Now he and Cecil share an exchange about this (which seems like a great idea to me) and it left Cecil surprised at Marks (Invincible's)  reaction.

Meanwhile, Robot....I mean.....ugh...."REX" and Monster Girl, were trying to adjust back to life in our dimension (they spent an equivalent to 12 yrs in another one, but less than a year for us.) and their old super hero friends threw them a party. Now its obvious that there was some huge catastrophe that completely devastated Robots....ugh..."REX'S" world. For some reason Monster Girl wasn't effected or is taking what ever happened well. Hopefully they will reveal it soon cause the suspense is killing me. His attitude seems beat up as well....sulking around as Monster Girl (who is all grown up and is boom-bang-pow sexy) enjoys the party as all of the other heroes are really trying for "a shot at the title" (or hitting on her).

Magmaniac and The Tether Tyrant ask for a job....they'll need some good benefits
Tether Tyrants weapon is in a harness attached to his chest.....inside is a living being that constricts around it's victims with a strong talks to him but only when others aren't around. It had been asking to bond with him (think venom from spidey) but he has been rejecting it. Magmamaniac and The Tether Tyrant have started working back for Titan. but to prove themselves they had to take down Machine head and make it look like they weren't working for Titan. Alas there was a glitch in the plan that forces Tether to bond with his chest weapon. The ending results takes a boat load of heroes to take him down.

Normally situations like this end with Mark trying to hurt Cecil...

Invincible is a great book!!!! Ryan Ottley is an awesome artist and Robert Kirkman seems to write for people who both don't read and read comics. This is another book i was able to hook my wife on and she has been in love with the series ever since. This issue in particular has been a real pick up on the story for me. Since the Epic-Beyond-Epic  Viltrumite war, the pages of the book have been Mark trying to find himself now as a hero in the world (especially since he knows he's not the toughest guy on the block anymore).....we have a lot more story set ups and build ups on things to come. Since I have been reading it, Invincible only gets better and better. If you have never and I mean never picked up an issue.....let me suggest you read the first 3 collected volumes.....

For those of us reading the series, what do you think of the issue with Robot and Monster Girl? Is it a game changer? What do you make of the Tether Tyrant? Is his new Power enough to stop Invincible? Comments welcome below....PEACE!!!!
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