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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Walking Dead #89 Review

I would not want to be Spencer right about now......

The thing about dead people is they tend to bite. You can be down cause your best friend just died and all of a sudden......that dude gets a serious case of the munchies for you. Now for those of you wondering....."what is this dude talking about?" ZOMBIES of course .
The Walking Dead is a great book that dares to ask the question "Can a few Zanny Strangers NOT kill each other, when they are constantly being threatened by the undead? Well........................
Spoiler Alert: if you don't want to know whats going on with TWD until you read it stop.....if you don't care or you are too broke to buy it in then read on

In Issue #89 of The Walking Dead,   we find our merry band of survivors divided. by 2 or 3 nuts who want to kill Rick and everyone else in his crew of survivors. These 2 guys (Spencer and another guy)are kind of driving the issue by themselves....and the Logic:  "People are dying around here. They have been dying since Rick and his crew came? So obviously, it's not the 1500 zombies that just busted down our city gate walls, It's Rick, the guy who really pretty much saved our bacon that's getting us killed." Well Glen (Ricks Crew) happened to walk up on them as they were talking about offing Rick. Meanwhile, Andrea and Rick was talking about his growing hatred for Carl and his (Carl's) inability to feel. After picking the area clean for supplies and coming up with future ideas to better protect the compound from zombies, Rick and the group leave but put a good beat down on some roamers before they do.
Back at the compound, Glen is confronted by the people plotting to kill Rick. and a big bowl of drama ensues and it builds up to a climactic ending....and let me say....Rick gets so "gritty" with this one, it would leave the toughest thug shook. 

Everyone gets annoyed with The Walking Dead at one point or the lags in the action department from time to time. But when it comes with a fury.......this and the bombshell revelations it deals out is no different. People who read TWD are always talking to others who don't. I (not to brag) but have converted a few people who DO NOT read comics into reading it. My wife is included in that group (she's more of an Anime type), and this series is so good for her in that it builds up its characters to a level where you really care about what happens to them.
With the TV Series returning soon, it gives us that read the series something else to look forward to weekly and not go so nuts monthly waiting on the comic.....and really, that is my only issue with TWD. Robert Kirkman, the series creator, writes very good stuff, Charlie Adlard's art work is fresh and detailed so i cant complain.....perfection trumps promptness to me. Check the preview and let me know whats up PEACE!!

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