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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Walking Dead #90 review

  If you're gonna put a gun to the head of one of Rick Grimes most trusted homies.....well got yourself a problem. Cause if there's one thing Rick and his crew does, its look out for each other.
Never walk in zombie infested streets alone
Now I feel like I need to say up front, if you DO NOT, or HAVE NOT, read the walking dead, I gotta ask, what in the world are you waiting for? This is one of my all time favorite comics. Writer Robert Kirkman is the kinda guy who writes for the "every-man". The drama, the action, the me. if you love the series......if you dig zombies, intelligent dialogue that doesn't go to over your head, the collected issues of TWD will be right up your alley (everyone I turned on to them couldn't put em down). Charlie Adlard's art is great at catching the human emotions. (as always) and he keeps the pace of the book pulse pounding.

In issue 90, as stated earlier, we find our heroes in a good old fashioned stand off. Some of the people in the town where Rick (the protagonist) and his crew were living in a community (with high walls) that kept them safe from hoards of zombies, felt Rick was gonna get them killed. so they beat up Glenn (Ricks crew) but he took care of himself with Rick and his boys getting the drop on the opposition. 
Yeah they all got guns but who has the juice to use it?
When Rick doesn't kill them they feel like, dude....we are some jerks for thinking they are so hostile......but lo and behold Rick reveals later how he WANTED to peel their caps back (that slang for shot them).
We also see how he and Carl (Ricks Son) are doing .  Last issue Rick felt as if he was angry at Carl's lack of feeling or emotion. Mentioning to Rick that he "felt" he had to be "tough"...Rick wants his son to be a kid.

Meanwhile Maggie freaks over something again and she reveals her feelings to Glenn. Abraham, gets an idea put in his head that is guaranteed to make conflict ensue........and lastly there is some prelude to some HOT SEX ON A PLATTER going on that will make your jaw drop!!! 

You have been punked sir, go home.
Now who could be about to get their freak on? Only a few pairs can make it happen. single people consist of Rick, Michonne, Andrea, Rosita, Eugene, and I'm gonna throw Abraham in there cause he did cheat on Rosita. Pair 'em up however you want.....but my wife said she saw it coming a mile away before it happened.....admit probably see it too. 

With the Awesomeness that is the AMC series, TWD suck you in on TV as well as in the book. Makes you wonder with so many surprising changes (i.e. Shane is still fricken alive), it's refreshing for those of us who really dig the book to be kept on the edge of  our seats and surprised.That is the whole spirit of the Walking Dead. Anyone can die at any moment. Rick included. If that doesn't get you excited about the book.......check ya pulse....peace!!

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