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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hot Buzz:The Strange Talent of Luther Strode know the formula, Nerd Kid gets picked on at school, Nerd Kid likes pretty girl, Nerd Kid has Nerd best friend, Nerd Kid gets bodybuilding course  in the back of old comic, Nerd Kid gets great um....Nerd Kid dude...with his own arm(ouch)...chokes another guy with the same arm......ummmmm.........yeah.....

A kid is skinny bullied and whooped up on.....his mom very afraid for her life.....Luther Strode quickly gets some extra bulk and has the ability to very violently beat anyone into a bloody pulp. Let me start by telling you that THIS BOOK is mesmerizing. I couldn't stop thinking about it....and here is the really isn't that special. It has plenty of great writing From Justin Jordan (doesn't his name sound like a comic book secret identity)  and the art from Tradd Moore is very smooth, but the formula is typical, nerd+powers= extraordinary. This book is as it's title says, strange.

In the book Strode , sends away for an old comic book body building course and the results of it are he's bigger, stronger, and better. He has scary strong strength and special talents (he can see through peoples skin down to their muscles) it's made life for him better. School is a breeze (he hurts bullies, and the girl he wants is all over him) and there are seemingly very bad people looking watching him all of a sudden. I have read the first two issues and they are nothing short of incredible.

Luther Strode offers up some of the best story telling I have seen in comics in a long time. I liked Kick-Ass as a comic and respected it's real world take on super heroes but Luther is as cool as I wanted Kick Ass to be. If you haven't read comics in a long while, this is the one to jump back in with.I can see this becoming a favorite for me like The Walking Dead and Invincible are.

What do you think. Have you checked out Luther Strode. Was it a good book for you. This record breaking best seller is one to watch.......PEACE!!!

He goes from very skinny (no, he's not in love with that guy passing by).

He starts to bulk up and has super reflexes

Then he gets to the point where he can spit bullets outta his chest,
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