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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Invincible #84

A superpowered, supersmart, evil dinosaur genius, destroyed Las Vegas. Superhero extrodinaire INVINCIBLE couldnt stop it even with all of his amazing power.......but if ya cant beat em join em.Gotta tell ya, the wild ride that is Invincible is pretty intense. The emotional roller coaster it took me on has been amazing. From the "surprise reveal" from his dad down to the devistating hurt of seeing his brothers jaw ripped off, Invincible has been one big eye opener after another.

In issue #84, we find our fearless hero kicking it with D.A. Sinclair and Cecil as they survey the heavy damage done by Dinosaurus and the effort to turn it into some free energy for almost half the country. Seeing all the "GOOD" that came out of the destruction of Las Vegas, Mark (aka invincible) gets a "madcap" crazy idea in his Viltrumite brain. Meanwhile, Eve and William have some girl talk about how Mark has been "Dealing" lately. We also see Robot....I mean.....ugh..."REX" and Monster-girl are talking about spending time apart.....I really wish they would let us know whats up with them...the suspense is killing me. Later when Eve arrives home, she and Mark talk about that IDEA he had and everything about it seems sinister. Soon the book ends with Mark feeling like Dinosaurus is the only hope for the world annnd being a fugitive from the Government.

Not one of the better books in the series, but it defiantly is a turning point....I am a huge fan of Kirkman's writing (and Ottley's Art work) and I am positive this is all going to go somewhere awesome. To me that is the major appeal of the book. Like all the ongoing drama keeps you on the edge of your seat. Like I said not one of the better books but still good enough for me as an Invincible fan. Check out Invincible on sale now from Image and Skybound. PEACE!!
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