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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Romplr: You Be the DJ

Romplr is a pretty fresh app for all you true blue music lovers and gamers who dig the guitar and dj hero franchises. It allows you to remix your favorite songs and beats from some of your favorite artist and maybe even make songs from some artist you cant stand even better. It is really a fun app and one I just haven't been able to put down. The really thrilling thing for me on this app is, I dont have to be Dr. Dre or the RZA to make dope beats. In fact my 6 and 8 yr olds swear by this. They are making dope beats on the regular.

It has a point system in the game to show you your progress or you can just hit a freestyle to practice up. In game mode it tallys up your points and gets you ready for the leaderboards so you can have bragging rights....this app/ game is mind blowing and a hip hop junkies wet dream.

They have a number of songs for free but there are a number of songs you have to pay for. I recommend this app for any and all that dig remixes, rap, pop, or a bit of techno. Check the youtube vid above if you havent yet and let me know what you think...ROMPLR is available in the android and iphone markets... as always....PEACE!!!
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