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Monday, November 7, 2011

Throwd: Goth Damned

From the mind of Erik Reeves and Kevin Steele comes Throwd: Goth Dammed. I know it almost sounds like the blasphemy your mama said you better not EVER say, but it's actually pretty clever. The artwork from Reeves and Steele looks killer and I personally can't wait. Throwd: Goth Damned is avalible now at the site below.....

Here is the offical synopsis from Vear Graphics website.
”In persuit of a sinister mob member known only as Spyda, a cautious and reluctant Zasha Brown visits the historical Goth District of South Peterson Grove in persuit of this devious villain with intentions that are far from pleasant! In the dark and mysterious urban underwold of gothic rituals and the black arts Zasha meets Belinda Raven a woman unlike any she has encountered before. One horrific crime.One evil man.No ordinary woman.

Throwd:Goth Damned.”

Make sure you cop it RIGHT NOW.....PEACE!!
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