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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wed, White, and Wu

Samax Amen of GhettoManga put in  some serious art skills for the cover....
...everything looks better with ninjas
So, ya get Playdough, Heath McNease, Art By Samax Amen and incredible beats by the almighty Wu Tang Clan and you end up with a mixtape of epic proportions. I am a follower of great independent artist and Playdough and Heath are naturals. It's cats like these and the whole Deepspace 5 camp that allow me to exopse my kids to good pure hip-hop without robbing them of thier innocence.

Now I wont bore you with my take on the album ( by the fricken' way it's doper than awesome.) but I will highlight some of the illest tracks (in my opinion) on the mix tape:

Playdough and Heath give fresh light to a classic Wu banger. 

Sweet Love with Manchild
Deepspace 5 member Manchild joins the Duo on this track

Tearz with Bodega Brovas
One of the best beats there is. Classic Wu at its best highlighted by Playdough, Heath, and the Brovas incredible awesome lyrics

Ice Cream
This one made my day. The original Wu song I can't play in front of moms, but this one that puts in a Sunday morning after Church feel would make her smile....umm if she would take time and listen to hip hop..

Like I said...the entire album is nice....been a looong while where I listened to an album without skipping any track or even not really diggin' all the tracks on an album but this one is PURE MAGIC ALL THROUGH. I am totally in awe of it (you heard me...i'm in the manliest way possible) and would recommend it to anyone. I have been spreading the word in the circles of people I know who have given up on hip hop and have been hearing good feedback.

Its available for Download here with exclusive previews at and you can even get the actual CD with original Art (if I'm not mistaken ) by Samax himself (for more Ghettomanga awesomeness check I for one am going to buy and send off for the original art work. So what do you think of Wed Whit and Wu? Will you be picking up this master piece? What do you think of the incredible comic style art work? Pick this joint up with the quickness.....(shoutout to the RZA) PEACE!!
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