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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Zombie Dickheads Are Not Coming To Get You

They don't eat people but they look like they drink.
Zombies. You won't believe this, but it has been reported that Zombie Entertaniment, which is a collective of the Video games, TV shows, Comics, Movies, and Books, are essentially a 5 billion dollar a year industry. I asked a class of high school students how would they react to a Zombie Apocolypse. All of them said they would be happy. The kids say killing Zombies is fun. 
So it's the Natural progression of things.that as long as our intrest in the undead continues, the stories are gonna evolve. Well boys and girls, here is one story that is fresh, original and fricken funny!!!! Enter Zombie Dickheads
.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     This Comic is pretty good....especially if you're down with cynicism. It is a fricken hilarious comic about a group of zombies who don't eat flesh.The Premise Goes. If they don't eat flesh they don't get all dopey and "GRAHHHH" on ya'. Meaning they are just like us but Zombies. Wait.....does that mean we all are dickheads.......meh....

Chris Moreno
It begins with our four heroes, Josh, Lisa, Dickless, and Colt.....They are attempting to live and survive as zombies in the zombie apocalypse by not getting their heads blown off. They are surrounded by beer swelling rednecks who know how to kill everything in site if nothing else.

This comic has been getting alot of praise and for good reason. It is creative and funny. The art and story was hooked up by Chris Moreno (he is a guy who worked for some guy named Paul Jenkins and for Companies like Disney and Marvel.....ya know the little guy). Personally, I can see this comic being an adult swim show along the lines of Metalocolypse and it has tons of potential.

Usually I see some self-published comics and the way its put together is not as professional as it should be, but Moreno's 10 plus years in the comic industry benefit the final product. Enjoy the preview below and get your copy here

So what do you think of Moreno's concept of Zombies? In this dudes opinion it's pretty "dope"....noone says that anymore.......I'm bringin' it back!!!! Peace!!!!

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