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Friday, December 23, 2011

Invincible #86 Review

The question has been asked a million times in over a million different ways......would you go back in time and kill Hitler as a baby? The logic behind it all being, if you kill him as a baby he won't grow up and become Germany's dictator thus saving many, many lives. It's argued plenty of different ways, those of us who believe in destiny would say: it doesn't matter what you do, what is meant to be is meant to be, those of us who believe we control our own fate think if we can just alter or change that one thing it benefits the greater good.

That's kind of the question posed in Invincible #86. The Earth has the last of a race of murderous conquers living among them. Each on of them is stronger than 2 Supermen and could totally destroy 10 planets single-handedly...... they intend to repopulate on Earth (since we are share similar DNA even though we are way weaker). Their mission is to rule the whole galaxy and feed their blood lust to battle, break, and hurt all.
The Great Allen the Alien

Nolan: Aka Omni-Man
The Great Allen, is leader of an intergalactic coalition whose responsibility is to destroy these murderous people. The only way is a virus that makes their bodies weak. Allen wants to introduce it into Earth's atmosphere to destroy the aliens (called Viltrumites) but his good friend, Nolan, is a reformed Viltrumite and has a half human son (Invincible) who the virus could kill. oh yeah....did I mention that since humans share a similar DNA it could kill us too.
And this brings us back to the big question.....Do you kill innocence for the greater good? Allen thinks so. Nolan doesn't. Allen is just as strong as Nolan........a huge fight ensues. Kirkman does more superb writing, and whoa-hoo....Corey Fricken' Walker is working on the Art on this book.......nice treat!!!

The thing that I love about Invincible is the way it deals on an epic grand scale. every battle, every issue, everything is completely epic. Can't wait to see the direction of this arc coming up. how do you think it will all play out? Check the preview below and give feed back. Peace!!!

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