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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Star Wars The Complete Saga

Now I haven't blogged much about it, but I love Star Wars with a passion. All six episodes. That's right. Episode one with the pointless appearance of Jar-Jar Binks, down to the improbable defeat of the Empire by the Ewoks. So imagine my elation when wifey bought me The complete Saga on Blu-Ray. The quality is crisp and crystal clear and the sound is amazing.......

The Experience
This is the way Star Wars should be seen. If you haven't seen it in Blu-Ray, I can't express the sheer awe I felt in watching this. And not just me......I had family over that was watching as I was and tho they aren't the fans that I and my wife and children are, they couldn't look away.  They were impressed by it.....again, a great TV with an Hdmi and Blu Ray hook up makes it look amazing!!!!

The Sequence
As I just said, this is the way Star Wars should be viewed. Now I know some of you hate the new trilogy (I-III) and you hate the new special effects added to the classic trilogy, but I happen to think if watched beginning to end remastered it adds a new perspective to the Star Wars experience. People who watched it with me that didn't understand Star Wars before could totally get it in this way. If you are trying to turn someone to the "right side of the force" this is the way.

The visual effects and quality of this one is clearly superior. The effect I got watching avatar is the same here. Getting into the graphics and the story. The ground battles, the space dogfights, and the aliens are way better put together. I always hold a great respect for the prequel trilogy mostly because it gave us more insight into the whole Star Wars universe. Does it still have Jar Jar.......yes, but I have always been of the school of thought that if Jar Jar's design was cooler with may have worked. the transformers little robot sidekicks seemed to be o.k.....C3pO was chill too. If Jar Jar was differently made I may have dug him.......MAYBE.

The visuals of the prequel is superior to the classic versions.....The lightsaber battles aren't quite as good and and the CGI trumps puppets any day. But the pure epic feel of the classic trilogy is the pull of it. those of us born in the 70's and get the appeal of the original lore of Star Wars  know the incredible storytelling style of it. this is what makes it great. On a different note, The newness of the prequel as opposed to the original trilogy, dude, the emperor made things cheesy as opposed to the republic. The rebels had to use scraps and old, isn't it obvious?

They all are good.......except, in the spoofs, I would have loved to see a whole bunch of spoofs in their entirety, and they didn't even mention the Venture Bros. references......WTH? Also the making of the Dewbacks seemed pretty pointless........otherwise all the Documentaries, the deleted scenes, everything rocks!!!

......but all of the Star Warsy (yup I said warsy) goodness aside, I really dig the second to none Artwork inside the box set casing. It is so beautiful and majestic I cant really describe it. The pictures below do it no justice, so check it and let me know what you think....PEACE....or err....MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!

The full cover shows Luke and Anikan and their humble Tattoine beginnings.

Darth Fricken Maul holds episode one

Episode 2 shows Anikan and Padme on Naboo.....

Anikan's descent into the darkside, and Obi Wan loses a brother for Episode 3

Episode 4 shows the 3 main characters of the new saga

Master Yoda encases episode 5

Episode 6 Luke and's not a finale, but a culmination 

Boba Fett riding the creature Obi Wan rode  for bonus disc one

Han and the Ewoks for Bonus disc two

And droids on Tatooine in Bonus disc three

Lastly, a collage of all the your heart out George Perez....
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