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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Walking Dead #91 Review

If you saw Episode of 7 of  The Walking Dead T.V. show........IS YOUR MIND NOT STILL FRICKEN BLOWN!!!! Whew...but I digress. I am still gonna do my big bad rant about the TWD T.V. show. However I just wanna recap the events of The Walking Dead Comic Issue #91.

I want to say that first off I really dug this issue. It began with Maggie going out with Glen and the rest of the groups on a run. They ended up surrounded by Walkers and had to fend them off. When Maggie saw how smoothly things went, she was really impressed. Even in spite of what they found out on their run.

Back at the compound, The Group heads are all discussing how to take care of business and there seems to be some funny looks from Abraham. Meanwhile in another room Carl and Sophia are having a discussion of their own. Sophia ask Carl a question and he answers it in a very harsh kinda way. But She takes it well and almost kinda seemed as if she is getting a bit more mature.

We break here to pay tribute to The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7.....DAMN,DAMN,DAMN!!!! We now return you to our regularly schedules comic book review...........

Abraham meets up with his new girlfriend after the meeting and HE says it went well.....but she seems to keep pushing to overthrow Rick. All the while this happens, Rick and Andrea are discussing their growing attraction to each other, and the inevitable of their hooking up. Rick kinda rejects her but he says he totally wants it though....then as Andrea gets know how Michonne talks to her DEAD BOYFRIEND....and Rick talks to LAURIE on A DISCONNECTED PHONE, well Andrea PICKS UP DALES HAT annnd......well the results of her actions are completely different than Rick and Michonne.....

The Group out scavenging comes back and has an expected haul to show for their hard work. Arron and his guy hang out, Carl and Rick argue again, and all the other events wrap up with a very creepy ending ......the whole group is being watched.......but by who?

This is another very nice issue and it delivers as always. The drama in this book keeps you going....I knew when they started a series it would blow up in the same way. The group of Kirkman and Adlard have done it again. Also if you are a fan of the show and not the comic you are missing some richer and more fleshed out stories.

Well what did you think of this issue? Who could the mysterious person be watching them? As always let me know what you think below. Dig the preview below.....PEACE!!

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