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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Walking Dead 92

So the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. Finally we can stop killing each other and work together for the common survival of mankind right? Well lets take stock of that....shall we? For those of you who have been reading the
Walking Dead you already know the awesomeness that is the comic book story.....for those of you who only watch the series.......hold on to your seats....I'm assuming this won't give any significant spoilers considering the wild events that happened with Sophia in the series (it's totally different from the comic, plus Shane died in issue 3 in the comic WTH).


First off we have Shane. He snapped and tried to kill Rick.

Then there was the craziness on Hershel's farm, He didn't try to kill anyone, but zombies in the barn....really?

They make it to a Prison....and logically it is the safest place to be in a zombie attack. You got the bars that keep you protected from the walkers, Hershel came in and grew food there......sadly, they meet a couple of prisoners there who killed Hershel's twin daughters and tried to kill Andrea. Not to mention Tyrese's daughter was killed by her boyfriend. Suicide pact.

The Governor on the TV series....
"Wait till you get a load of me....."
The Prison was a perfect set up, back up generators, reinforced walls, lots of spare food, but they find a group of settlers in a small town, and a cat calling himself  THE GOVERNOR.......They have food weapons, and it seems like they could set up a decent. trade or even combine and merge with their community.......That would be great except for the fact that the Governor was bat-pee crazy.....and the idiot towns people were to stupid to fight back.......He pretty much destroyed the prison killing more than half of ricks crew....

They stumble upon a minister who is holed up in a church. He tells the tale of how he  locked himself in the church and people crying for help for  he turned a blind ear now Abraham and his crew were with him, they came upon some hunters trying to eat people cause they were too dumb and weak to scavenge food.

Then there were the Twins Billy and Bobby. Taken in by Dale and Andrea after their parents died,  Billy started killing animals, because in his elementary school's gonna come back to he kills his brother knowing it's gonna come back to life too. Carl makes the tough choice and takes out the little guy.

Which brings us to the events in the Walking Dead 92. It has tons more action than we have been seeing lately. We witness a "tender moment" from Michonne and Abraham, if you can call it that and we meet a new outsider to the Group. His friends call him Jesus.....and he whooped Michonne and Abraham with relative ease....while Unarmed.....and they were armed. They learn of two his settlement of about 200 and the surrounding settlements that want to establish a trade agreement. 

Can't say that Rick and his crew aren't nervous.....and wouldn't you be? After all the crap they have endured I would want to be sure things were on the up and up. I hope they can be trusted, but there could be all kinds of trouble coming. will be interesting to see where this leads.....PEACE!!!

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