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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wolverine and the X-men.

This is the return of a classic X-men team with all the angst and group dynamics i always loved.

As far back as I could remember......I was always a fan of The X-Men...............

Like, the first comics I've ever collected, was the Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld runs on The X-Men. I mean, the Art work was phenomenal. I was taken aback by the detail and the overall coolness of the covers. I was able to talk my Mama into letting me get two each, one to read and one to keep sealed away in plastic for all time.

Thus began my ongoing love affair with comics and comic book collecting and The X-Men. It was a rare thing.......even those cats who didn't read comics dug the X-Men. They were the "cool" superheroes it was ok to like. I feel off and on with my reading and started reading hard again with the Phalanx saga. Then....and this is no lie, I bought like every issue of the Age of Apocalypse........It was so good and I was hooked on X-men all the way through  Joe Kelly's run. But it all fell apart as things tend to do from time to time.....for me at least. millions of revamps, so many replaced writers and artist, going back to basics, moving so far away from basics it seems like its not the X-men at all......then there were plots where it seemed like they were trying their best to copy the X-movies....But this new book has really made me "tingle" in my little mutated bones.

Kitty and Wolverine look pretty fresh
THE STORY: The book gets right into the story. Now if you haven't read any of the X-books in a while, Do not worry. They are pretty good about bringing you up to speed and not loading you up with a ton of back story. It's just Logan and the Professor (who is walking....Say Whuuut?) and them talking about Logan start in a school of his own. That's right kids, Wolverine is taking on the role of professor with kitty pride as his Headmistress. Beast is the vice principle and most of my old school favorite X-men are teachers (Iceman, Rouge, Gambit, Cannonball, Husk, Chamber, and Rachel Grey). Oh and get this, Toad is the Janitor and lovable Doop (from Mike Alreds X-Factor) is the school secretary. The new name of the school is the ”Jean Grey” School for gifted of the kids even joked they should be called "G-Men"

THE ENEMY: The X-men enemies and formula has been simple. And so far it still is. However, I don't believe there will be a brotherhood anytime soon. But I love the villain they have battled so far. The brand new Hellfire club. Kade Kilgore, Rich teenage CEO of Kilgore Arms "The worlds largest manufacturer of things that go BLAM and BOOM" is the new Black King of the club. They did some pretty serious damage starting out....but as they find in Issue 2.... Iceman really ain't to be messed with. His new powers were awesome. But fitting how The X-men range from preteen to teen and their new hardcore enemies will be the same. The writers wanted to pull younger readers and I think this is the way to go.

THE UNCANNY: The students that are there (I believe) had a choice of going to San Francisco with Scott and his Uncanny X-men or going with Logan and his Westchester school.  It seems Scott (I read Uncanny) wants to improve the worlds view of Mutants by forming a Superhero team with his group.....and it's an interesting blend....Magneto is there and Colossus is like the new Juggernaut....WOW!!

THE ART: Chris Bachalo. If this book totally sucked, that is all it would take to get me excited about it. I first heard of this cat when he worked on Generation X (which was a fan fav of mine for so long) and his art has been superb.

THE WRITING: I gotta tip the hat to Jason Aaron (Scalped and Black Panther). His story telling style is smooth. no choppy dialogue or weird cut scenes, this guy is pretty solid.

This little chart was made by Irene Lee. It is awesome and gives a little glimpse of their powers
Kid Gladiator is the son of the Shi'Ar's new emperor Gladiator. He is a student accompanied by his bodyguard Warbird. 

Broo has a thing for the sistas. An Alien Cockroach looking thang ain't he.

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