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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Invincible #87 Review

Invincible AKA Mark Grayson isn't a "strange visitor from another planet" he's the son-of-a-strange-visitor-from-another-planet. Fighting with evil and crime has run it's course with him so he has decided to take a different approach. Listening to the "Bad Guys" before he strikes. Which brings us to where we are now. 

*****Spoilers be ahead*****

Last Issue:
Nolan, Invincible's dad, was with their good friend Allen The Alien (or Allen the Great as he's called now.) and Allen has just told Nolan the plot to destroy the earth. Now the reason they are going to destroy the earth is that Marks and his dad's race of people are all an evil galactic warlords that destroy everything in it's wake.......and they are hiding in plain site on earth. Nolan fought Allen fearing it would destroy Earth's people too.

This issue:
Mark is a fugitive for helping certain criminals and not detaining those the world deems dangerous. Cecil, head of Guardians of the Globe (a peace keeping group of heroes Mark used to be down with),  was talking to him when he learned Allen was in earth's atmosphere. Invincible went to meet him and heard of the plot to destroy the Earth.....destroy the few to save the many. Mark and Allen fight and then he gets help from an unlikely source.......

This issue signifying the definite start of one of Robert Kirkman's Mega Arc's..... and there is no doubt in my mind that this one is going to be a big time heavy hitter.......with feelings hurt and bonds broken and loved ones killed. Kirkman has the knack for making you hate a bad guy, then take you back around and kinda hope he can help.....or making a man a hero, then you take a second look and say this man is crazy. The return of Ryan Ottley puts a nice bite on this issue as well. I think everyone agrees, as long as it's him or Cory Walker, you will get some great stuff.

Well what do you think of these issue's coming up? Think Allen will go through with his plans? Check out the preview below and let me know what you think. Peace!!

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