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Friday, January 13, 2012

Static No More

I was a teenager when I discovered Milestone comics. I bought all of their number ones from the local Stop N Go down the street from our house. I was really into Blood Syndicate, Icon, Wise Son, and Static!!!! So the Joy I felt when I heard they were rebooting the book, with a major player like DC.......Why in my mind did I expect an incredible product. I won't bore you with my foolish thoughts of maybe the "black" superhero was going to fail anyway, Blame the writing or the costume, or the hoover bikes.....but I pretty much predicted this See---(TOLD-YA-SO).......SO as frustrating as it is to have a book I was pulling for fail.....I have to take peace in the fact that some of the annoying things that happened in this book are dying with it. And also you never know...There may be other relaunches and reboots of Static. I can only hope that whoever takes up that mantle has a passion for the character and the spirit of what made him great. Static has just 2 more issues left and will end with number 8 in a few months and is one of six other comics being cancelled, including: Hawk and Dove, O.M.A.C., and Mister Terrific.

I don't have the time to hold any memorial services, but I do want to travel down memory lane by showing some past covers for the comic.

Static #3 - Comic Book Cover

Static #4 - Comic Book Cover

The Issue 4 Cover with Virgil and Holocaust was EPIC!!!

Static Shock Rebirth of the Cool #2Static Shock Rebirth of the Cool #3

Static Shock Rebirth of the Cool #4

Hat tip to Jean Paul Leon. His art was always my favorite style to see Static drawn in. It would have been nice to get this type of style and quality in the New Static Shock comic.

What do you think of DC's plan to end Static and the 5 other comics it announced an end to yesterday? Are there other titles that anyone is upset DC ended? Comment and let me know. Peace!!!
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