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Monday, January 9, 2012

Static Shock #5 Trailer

Check out this Static #5 trailer by Scott McDaniels

Yup, I am sure the majority of you reading this DO NOT read Static Shock. Some of you like me were very stoked to read get issue one. It was filled with Hover-bikes, twin sisters, a fake joker, and sliced off arms......... but seriously "Hover-bikes"?

 Now I don't like to down anyone's writing......I have seen John Rozum do a bit better, but this writing reminds me of Larry Hama's run on Batman. I loved Hama's run on Wolverine, but it wasn't the same on Batman. All that aside though, Static is getting a new writer, I think the books penciler Scott McDaniel will continue for a few issues, then we will have Marc Bernardin come in on the book. Don't know much of what will be done by Bernardin, but I think he has a solid vision for the character. As I was roaming through the stories at comic book resources he mentioned the direction he wanted to go a bit:

In the first issue of new "Static Shock," it was revealed that Virgil and his family have recently moved to New York City. As a native New Yorker, I'd imagine that must please you immensely, allowing you to showcase your hometown. But is that a good thing or is it more stifling creatively than having the series set in the fictional city of Dakota?
No, I love "Static Shock" taking place in New York City. Not only does it allow us to show off lots of different facets of the city, both beautiful and horrific, it let's us eventually tell a "Going Back to Dakota" story. Because the "Hero Returning Home" is a story as old as stories themselves.
I know it's early going and we've only read one issue of the new series, but what can you tell us about the direction you'd like to take "Static Shock?"
The thing I told editor Harvey Richards and poobah Eddie Berganza when I got the gig was that I wanted to get to know Virgil a bit more than we have so far. The thing that defines a hero is choice. They choose to do the hard thing when everyone else would do the easy one. They choose to put themselves in harm's way. So we need to know more about the kind of person who makes that kind of choice, especially one so young.
A lot of villains have been introduced and have been solicited to appear in the first few issues of the new series, which, to date, has been written by John Rozum and Scott McDaniel. Will Sunspot, Virule, Slate Gang, Piranha and Pale Man continue to be featured rogues when you take reins of the series, or do you have a whole new legion of doom you're ready to unleash on Static?
Part of my self-imposed mandate is to give Static as robust a rogues gallery as possible. Some of the villains that have been/will be introduced are going to be part of that gallery, for sure, but we're going to add some that aim to test Static's resolve in ways that he can't prepare for.
There are a lot more tid-bits in there and for the full interview click here
So like I have said before, I am really worried that DC will end up canceling this book, and yes I am aware that DC is a business, and that if it ain't working then you have to drop it.....but Static has always been one of my favorite characters. Losing him would kinda suck......I almost feel as though this is his last hurrah.......What do you think? Can Marc Bernardin turn it around? Or has so much damage been done that there is no turning back? I am sending up prayers and hoping against hope. Let me know what you think....PEACE!!!!
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