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Monday, February 13, 2012

Static Shock #6 Cover Art/Trailer

3 The Hardway: Static, Technique and Hardware. I want this in a poster!!

Say what you want about the sad state of affairs that led to the destruction of this Static Shock DCnU series. But I have got to give major league mad props to cover artist Khary Randolph. The way Static looks, the set up of the composition, the sheer perfection of it all, really makes you want to pick up this book. I don't knock McDaniel's art, but I really would have loved to see this level of art throughout the book. 
In any case this marks the last book with McDaniel as writer, but he will continue the artist duties until issue 8.
Check out the new Static Shock Trailer below and feel free to comment on what you think Will you be picking up the new Static? Will you read it now that McDaniel isn't involved with the story any longer?

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