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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Luther Strode's Last Stride

It's not a Finale, It's a Culmination 

Good Comics can be hard to come by. I have bought comics and after the first couple of issues, I get bored with the writing or they change to an artist who is not a good fit at all for the story. But brother.....when you find a comic that is awesome beyond belief, You best hold on tight to it. That is the deal with "The Strange Talent of Luther Strode". 

It is an amazingly wonderful story about a kid who is skinny geeky and weak. A cliche kid who gets picked on bullied and lives a life of fear based on what his father did to his mother. He sends off for one of those strongman ads they used to put in comics.
The results he get are mind blowing. More muscles, faster, all of the things a skinny nerd would want. Soon the kids at school take notice, his moms takes notice, bullies at school, and the girl of his dreams. At the urging of his best friend he becomes somewhat of a superhero avenger. But for all of his "talent" he never saw the evil that was heading his way. The challenges that were going to put a hurting on his life. Being all powerful has its setbacks.

Now I am not going to give away the awesomeness that is in the six book mini series, but I will say it is a comic that I and most of the people I put on to fell in love with. This final issue is the kicker. The first five issues built up to an ending that I'm sure no one saw coming. I also like the way it was set up. This first 6 issues is called "The Strange Talent of Luther Strode"......there was a sweet set up for a sequel, "The Legend of Luther Strode". I can see an easy set up for this on to be a movie or a T.V. Show....NOT A CARTOON FOR KIDS.....NEVER A CARTOON FOR KIDS.....but still it is a Multi-Layered story that the masses would enjoy.

Check out the small preview down below of issue six and be sure to check out the full series if you haven't yet. It's only six issues and it's very easy to follow. Let me know what you think...PEACE!!!!

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