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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


A new Avatar Story set 70 years after Ang's Epic adventure!

Her Avatar animal is a Polar Bear Wolf-Dog

I won't get into a gigantic rant about the wretched "Last Airbender" movie by M. Night Shamalayn (i'm sure I misspelled it). I won't get into the plot holes (like seriously what happened to Zukco's Mother?). I won't even talk about the fans who seem to think this was a bad idea. I honestly don't have to speak on any of that...because The Legend of Korra is a stand alone show that speaks for it self. 

Ang has brought peace and lead the planet (along with Fire Lord Zucko) into a peaceful union where all nations (Earth, Fire, Water, and Air) are in perfect harmony. This has taken place for years, but as just as Ang lived, he had to eventually die. According to the "Avatar Cycle", after Air comes Water. The new Avatar comes from the southern water tribe and when we first meet her she is already skilled at bending fire, water, and earth. Just as Ang struggled with Fire, this one struggles with Air and she travels to Republic city (the city Ang and Zucko built) to learn Airbending from Katara and Ang's youngest son Tenzin.
The supporting cast bends different elements

The show seemed to separate itself very well from the original series. It's not a child who is the last of his race, no ones on the run from the evil fire nation, there is no backdrop of a 100 year war, there is no hunt for the destruction of the Avatar. There are mention of Ang, Katara and the others. In fact we meet his grandchildren and see a very elderly Katara. We meet Toph's daughter and see the world as a result of the balance Ang brought. The humor and the spirit of the old show is there, just in a different story. I personally appreciate the spin put on the new show as opposed to trying to milk a perfect show with the same formula. Since I was a kid addicted to Robotech, I always dug stories told in generational timelines. Seeing characters get older, and wiser lends a certain feel of realism.
Ang and his memory revered 

They are called the Equalist. Little is known about them. Just the fact that they hate bending. Which makes sense, there is harmony, balance among the four elements, so wouldn't people fight over their differences. The last show was they fought because of the differences in their bending. When the benders achieved balance, the difference was between the benders and non benders. The preview seemed to elude to a deeper conspiracy.
Equalist will be cool bad guys

The spirit that made the show special was how all of the deep meanings went into the story. Life lessons learned and makes you think.  just when you think a story is going no where or is a bit stale, it comes back with heart and meaning. this show will be as equally as great as the last one.
Korra seems more like Toph than Ang.

My thoughts on this is that I really am psyched to see this succeed. I think this is the perfect gift for all of the Avatar: The Last Airbender fans. What do you think. You don't have to wait until the April 14th premiere on Nicktoons, CHECK OUT THE FIRST TWO EPISODES FOR FREE ON ITUNES!!! Don't have itunes, at least check out the trailer on youtube!! Peace!!!

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