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Tuesday, May 8, 2012



Remember playing in the local arcade (at least those of us who had a childhood in the 80's) all your quarters up on the screen signifying that the only person who had next was YOU!! 32oz. of root beer, and a pizza slice , or a  big bag of Doritos was your only back up in between breaks. Yup. Those were the glory days because I was a wiz kid when it came to video games, and one of my absolute favorites was NBA JAMS. I was an avid Basketball fan (still am...kinda) and this game was as real as it got back then. So imagine my Nostalgic Seizure when I found this game on my android phone!!

The Gameplay
Very easy to control. The buttons on my MyTouch4G were all touch screen and the movements were very simple to work. Every essential button is close to the other and it shifts between offense and defense with ease. And if that's not simple enough for you, you got through a tutorial that allows you to perfect the moves you learn. 

Again, I am always amazed at how well these graphics look on these games. They are just cell phone games, but considering what your cell phone can do and you factor in all the memory and data it has to hold it looks amazing.  It really looks pretty good. You won't be able to tell the difference between this and the original game in the 90's. Actually it looks a little bit better.

Moves: Be a Superstar
It's so simple to play that my 6 yr old son was able to score points and hang with the A.I. But then again NBA JAM was known for its simple maneuverability.  The high flying moves make you feel like Kevin Durant. 360 Dunks, easy steals, and being able to push people down without getting fouling keeps the game moving at a fast pace.

So all in all I recommend this game. It's an incredible time waster and something great to play in long lines, waiting at the doctors office or when you are just lounging. It's available for the Iphone, Ipad, and Android Markets for just a mere $4.99 a pop.

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