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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MAX PAYNE 3: Review


One of the first games I got on ps2 was Max Payne. It was everything I enjoyed about action movies (not to mention the cool bullet time made popular by the Matrix that it had capitalized on), coupled with a revenge story that would make your own blood was very good. Not to mention that after you play it you get to relive all those epic gun battles..

In this 3rd installment, Max Payne is like a one man army. He is an ex cop who lost everything and has nothing to lose. 

We begin with Max living in Brazil working private security (think ”Man on Fire”) for a very rich and important family. He is big on drinking and wallowing in his past mistakes. He begins to fall deeper into depression as he takes this job that he calls "easy retirement pay". He is also kinda hiding out there since a mob family wants him dead in New York. Then a big disturbance happens and Max once again finds him self in the middle of a big battle against a corrupt politcal machine with gang ties. Max's rage makes him pretty unstoppable, (again think ”Man on Fire”) he has to save a girl in a country where he doesnt speak the language, and where the cops could care less.

Speaking of ”Man on Fire” some of the words that some of the characters speak show up on screen. It's honestly hard to tell the cuts scenes away from the actuall gameplay and that makes you feel more like you're in the thick of it. The graphics are awesome and the feel is a bit choppy and disorienting, but again, to the overall feel of the game, its what would happen if you were drunk and a pretty good shot. Later in the game things level out when he's sporting his Bruce Willis look (which makes you feel like John Fricken McClain) he gets off the sauce and gets serious about slicing flesh with bullets. The background visuals of the south American lands are breathtaking. Rockstar Games attention to detail is always superb.

The gameplay is pulse pounding as well as the stylized. The movements are simple and it is to me the way games should be played. The gore factor is highly excessive and I do not recommend this one for the kids. The reception on this title has overall been very positive. I have only heard one negative review and I totally don't get the guys hang up with it outside of him wanting it to be jut like Max Payne one. Overall I recommend it, the flashy bits can be a little overwhelming, but the story gameplay and overall point of the game rocks. The multiplayer and little tidbits like the flashbacks and the parts from the original like "Captian Baseball Bat Boy" enhance the overall game experience.

So what do you think? Will you be playing this installment of Max Payne? If you did already, what did you think? Leave comments below!!
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