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Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Well, The Walking Dead has been a virtual emotional roller coaster for it's fans. From unexpected deaths of characters who you thought would NEVER get killed off to the unbelievable revelations about the world they now live in. As we get ever closer to the 100th landmark issue of this groundbreaking series, we begin to see Rick and his crew get bolder and seemingly more invincible. But as we fans of the series all know, nothing ever goes like you expect it to in TWD, much like real life. So we all are now on the edge of our seats wondering what's gonna happen in the "Something to Fear".

In issues 95 and 96, Rick and his people met a man named Jesus who took them to meet the people of his community where they had established a system of trade with people of other communities. They just realized that there were more survivors than they thought. But just from being there 5 mins, Rick had to kill someone and they discovered there was a threat called Negan. Apparently this Negan has an army of men that say they will kill everyone unless the towns people give them half of their supplies. These people are not as thought as Rick so they submit in order not to lose their lives. Rick offers a second solution that would help the group. They form a military where Rick offers their group protection in return for supplies. They accept.

This issue is full of the action when Ricks group actually meet some of Negan's men. The results will get you excited for the next issue for sure. Meanwhile, Eugene and Abraham meet up again and the results of the meeting are kinda awkward. The ending is another set up for alarm but this book never hardly ever gets a bad rating from me. Check out the preview below and comment on what you think. More to come on issue 100....PEACE!!!

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