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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Legend of Korra Season One Finale

Even thought it seems more like a series finale than a season finale, the Legend of Korra leaves fans wanting more and wraps up all of the season one questions in a way that you want. While there were no real cliff hangers that I could see to suck you back in to the show, one major thing it had was a true EPIC ending in pure Avatar form. And trust me, if the way this thing ended doesn't suck you back in I don't know what will.
While I will do my absolute best not to give away any spoilers(BUT TRUST ME SPOILERS WILL COME), I will brief you on some of the highlights I really loved about it.

Zuko's blood line:

In the Finale you get a glimpse at a descendant of Firelord Zuko's son whom he named Genral Iroh after his Uncle in the original Avatar series. The voice actor is actually the same one from the Avatar the last Airbender series that voice Zuko. And this guy seems as talented as his aunt Azula when it comes to fighting....just not as ruthless.

Who is Amon:

The story behind who he really is  made me and my sons say as we watched, "Dang that's messed up". The thing I love about it is how tragically cold he became to be who he was. But the even larger shock was that he was secretly a bender himself.

Korra lost her bending:

This was an epic cliff hanger that kept me on the edge of my seat. I could only speculate how she was getting out of this. and it seemed she made a huge sacrifice taking on Amon (who was about to wipe out the last of airbenders)

Korra getting Airbending:

For me it could have ended right here. With her fighting against Amon and exposing his secret, and her bending gone, she was cornered with no way to defeat him except by using the one element she hadn't mastered, Air. Such an awesome moment!

Korra connecting withe the Spirit world:

Her acheving the avatar state a big moment too and it sets the stage for a new dynamic for next season. we have a full blown Avatar, unlike the one we had in The last Airbender. Who can challenge this all powerful girl, what challenges will she have next season.....tell you one thing....I can't wait!!!

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