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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Walking Dead 100

100 issues in and The Walking Dead still delivers on the shock and awe. The pain and hurt of the fans is echoed throughout the "InterWeb" and has caused gut wrenching pain as well as that longing for more. The letters sent in to TWD after the death of Abraham had people's mouths on the floor. If that was any kind of indicator, this monumental issue will not disappoint.

If the things he has come across wasn't enough, then this will really send Rick to an already darker place than he has ever been before. My wife was so hurt she almost cried in this issue and the matter of fact way the issue was presented gave me a chill. Kirkman defenately took us to a new low in human depravity. Rick was right, the dead coming to life and walking around isn't the scariest thing in their's the living in that world.


Not since The Govenor has Rick dealt with a more vicious heartless person. The heartless person that is Neagan may be either really Highly Intelligent or really REALLY INSANE!!! He and the battle he lays before Rick and his crew makes the problems they had at Woodbury seem like they were dealing with the Hunters. Kirkman described his relationship with Rick in an interview with Newsarama as "Rick has finally met his match." which I'm assuming that Negan is what Rick would be if Rick was better prepared, smarter and had no attachments.

Did you read this issue? What did you think, leave comments below, get some therapy, and as always........PEACE!!!!

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