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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Carl and Negan: The Walking Dead

Ok. So it is pretty clear they both are terrified of each other. And clearly one is going to kill the other. But the question in my mind is which one.


For those who don't know who I am talking about, it's the latest characters in Robert Kirkmans zombie soap opera, the walking dead. Of course those who only watch the series (you're totally clueless by the way) have no idea who Negan is, but he seems to be the worst villan ever. And Carl goes out to take him down after the death of a friend. Armed with an automatic rifle (bigger than he is) he goes after Negan and attempts to end him.

But when it doesn't work, Negan responds with something like "kid, you are f
@&*ing adorable". So what does Carl do? Look him in the eye and shoot at him again.When he misses and drops the gun they catch him. What does Negan say this time? "I ain't gonna lie to you kid, but you scare the s#it out of me".

Can't really wait to see how this story plays out. When we were first introduced to Negan, everyone said it was Ricks harshest arch nemesis. But honestly...I would say he more of an arch enemy to Carl. Peace.

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