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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ghettomanga: the undead ish!


I cannot lie...I used to really dig Wizard Magazine. I know some people had their issues with it, but for me it hipped me to a ton of goings on in the comic book world. It had alot of useful info, showcased new artist and had tons of intel on the books you should be reading but probably wasn't...then Wizard went away...(at least I havent seen it in a while). Then I met a young man by the name of THE MIGHTY SAMAX AMEN. He had a magazine called GhettoManga Quarterly. It was filled with all of the awesome things I had come to grow and love in Wizard but so much more.


In this issue there are a lot of celebs that have passed away honored with some of the illest art you would ever want to see. Takes on Aaliyah, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Gary Coleman, Redd Foxx, and Bernie Mac (as you have never seen them before). Credit for the artwork includes DTM Flores, Vicki Pittman, Lana M. Andre, Mike Hawthorne, and yours truly (I did the Aaliyah picture on the Everybody loves Aaliyah page). There are also some very good previews of comics that are out including a cool story (on the cover) of a Zombie Michale Jackson.

Samax Amen is big on indy comics and giving other indy artist exposure. He and his book are a champion for up and coming creators in the industry. If you haven't read it you should really check it out......and spread the word will'ya....he does this out of his undying love for comics. To get your grubby hands on a copy of this issue ot HIS ALL NEW STILL AWESOME DIGITAL issue.....follow this link GMQNOW. Also if you wanna check out his very ill site go here...GM....lastly, the big homie can be followed on Twitter @ghettomanga....Check out this issue in digital form for just a flimsy 99cents.......PEACE!!!!

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