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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Was Amazing Spider-Man #700 worth it?


So you have all heard the tales of blasphemy that writer Dan Slott has put out in his version of Amazing Spider-Man. If you haven't and you are a Spidey fan or if you want to read Amazing Spider-Man #700 for yourself without any spoilers, I sugesst you pass on this article.

First let me start by saying I haven't really read Amazing Spider-Man in years. I tried during the "one more day" storyline but I just couldn't get into it. That being said you DO NOT have to read any back issues to enjoy this book. I found this to be enjoyable.....the main thing if anything you want to keep in mind is that Doc Ock has devised the ultimate plan and switched bodies with Peter Parker at the same time gaining his abilities and memories. All the while leaving Peter in his dying body with all of his memories.

The thing that ticked most people off and hurt so many fans is the fact that Slott is not going to resolve this fiasco. He lets Spider-Man die in Dr. Octopuses body with Ock becoming the new Spider-Man. I gotta admit, when I first heard of this I was upset. I was annoyed. How is it spidey if Octavious is in peters body? Isn't it a tad bit disrespectful to the whole mythology and the character built by Stan Lee? I felt that...I actually said I wouldn't read it. But my own curiosity got the better of me and I shelled out the 10 (yes 10) bucks to see what the hub-bub was about.

Was I pleasantly surprised? It still annoyed me that Spider-Man, the underdog....the ULTIMATE underdog, couldn't get out of this....he just died like a chump. He died weak, feeble and bumbling. He had no snappy comebacks, no last words with loved ones, no good licks in on the bad guy, Otto Octavious (Doc Ock) was one step ahead of him every step of the way. And we saw a lot of Peter in Ocks body (yeah that didn't sound right) and it spoke to the DESPERATION of what we have always seen with spidey.....we want him to win because he's a good guy and an underdog. It gives us hope because we think of ourselves as underdogs and we want hope too.

Realistily though, it would never happen that way. Not to say that it couldn't, but if someone put on tights and, as noble as they may be, tried to fight injustice, it would be a time when they actually lost. Peter Parker had the odds stacked against him. Probability wise, it was only a matter of time before he got "got" (killed). So in that respect. I get it. And I enjoyed, the same way I enjoyed that movie "Skeleton Key" with a similar ending. Does it suck? Yes. But this was one of the best books I have read in a while.

Also, Otto brings an over confidence to the character that is pretty cool. He puts MJ in her place like "look, I'm not playing games girl...either you're with me or step". That's something Peter wouldn't have done or said.

I am glad I read this for myself. It helped me put the controversy into perspective. Peace!

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