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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Walking Dead #107


With The Walking Dead TV show on AMC becoming more and more interesting and Rick getting more and more crazy I gotta say i am enjoying this veer from the original cannon. (I just realized that the people traveling with Tyrese and his daughter was Alan, Ben, and Donna from the comic...say what?)

But don't get me wrong, the original cannon is far more superior and even realistic. Take this issue 107. Rick and his crew are dealing with Negan, a cat who makes the Govenor look like a wet kitten. The last couple of issues (****SPOILER ALERT****) Carl who was pissed behind the brutal muder of his friend Glen (by Negan) went after him, Armed with an M16 he took out more than a couple of Negans clowns before almost missing and dropping the gun. Negan had Carl taken inside, took off his bandage and humilated him behind his injury, showed him how he punishes people who don't obey him and torturede him with the looming threat of how he was gonna eventually punish Carl for his disrespect. Meanwhile Rick was freaked and headed out to find his boy. The issue culminated with Negan and rick face to face and Negan saying he "DID SOMETHING" to Rick's boy.....Below is a preview of 107....BE WARNED IT IS FOR MATURE READERS:

This issue is serious....Check it out and comment .......Peace!!!!

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