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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Superior Spiderman #9 Preview


Superior Spiderman is all that and a big bag of chips with the dip (no one says that anymore). I honestly havent had this much fun reading a mainstream comic since the original Deadpool series. It is full of great writing (Dan Sloat) and the art work is consistant (Ryan Stegman and Humberto Ramos). Now many of us belly ached about Ock taking over Spidey's body and Spidey dying in Ocks frail weak bod, but i gotta say, they payoff has been pretty good. 

 Now I am gonna try to recap with out spoiling it for you...but i'm kinda mad at you for not reading it if you don't know, but never the less.......

-------SPOILER ALERT-------

Spidey is dead and Doc Ock is the new Spider-man, he has taken over his job, his relationships, and....well, I hated to admit it at first, but Ock has proven (in just the first issue) to actually be a SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN. He has created really cool spider bots to patrol the city so he can spend time with friends and family. He is a dynamo at work. He has good old Mayor J.Jonah Jameson eating out of his palms.....what could be better.....well he is Otto Octavious, he tried to kill someone in issue one, good thing "Ghost Peter Parker" was there to Ghost stop him......wait what?

Yeah you heard right. Ghost Peter Parker. he follows Otto every where like Ghost Obi Wan. Of course Petey is powerless, outside of a suggestion (altough issue 7, he did move his arm while Ock was asleep). This happening after Ock killed the maniac massacare as spidey, and beat two small time hackers within an inch of their lives.....

This got the attention of the Avengers (who Spidey is a part of now) and prompted a showdown between them....does Ock think he can take down the Avenger with Spiderman's body? Like Ghost Petety said at the end of issue 7....It would be great to "have some ghost popcorn" for that one.

Anyways...Here is the preview for issue #9 below. It seems as though Ock is aware of Peter and will attempt to put him down. Can't wait to get my "GHOST POPCORN" for that one.......yeah ok, i'll stop. Enjoy the preview.....PEACE!!!

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