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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Legend of Luther Strode

So yeah...say you are a criminal....and you hear that Batman is near by to take you to jail instead of Luther Strode. You should count yourself lucky.....cause Luther Strode will Kill You!!!

The follow up to the hit comic The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, is just as good as the last one. If you are not reading it you should catch up. Its been pretty exciting so far. A whole mob family is after Luther and he sees there are other "Talented" people out there worse than the Librarian. We are four issues in and the highlight for me so far has been the battle with Jack the Ripper.

The build up is the same and the finalie should promise to be as exciting as it was in Talent. If you are looking for a good comic to read, this is a good miniseries. But be warned its not for the squemish or youngsters. Check out the previews from ish one. Shout out to the creators for the DOPE "Breaking Bad" reference with the Jesse Pinkman type thug........ PEACE!!!

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