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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Legend of Korra Season 2

Yup that's Ang and his Crew as full blown adults

So I was one of the many people who really enjoyed The Legend of Korra series and thanks to Comic Con we were treated to a small fix in the form of a trailer. But what of the details of the second season. Of course Nickelodeon is pretty tight lipped about the whole thing but according to the Fanon: Legend of Korra sight there are some interesting things coming up...

Not only has it been rumored that we would see more of the original series main characters as adults
(that's them above) but we were also supposed to be seeing a brand new threat. The Dragon Men are said to be obsessed with killing the Avatar to avenge their old master Yakone (Amon's father). As if that wasn't enough, she is having issues dealing with the Spirits she encounters in the spirit world. 

Unfortunately I haven't seen any of the Legend of Korra on Netflix so if you must catch up with it you will have to buy the seasons via the App Store with Apple or on the Playstation network. At one point all the episodes were on Hulu but not now.


 The new seasons starts bright and early in September 2013.....peep the trailer below and as always....PEACE!!!!

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