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Monday, December 30, 2013

Motorcyle Samurai: Gritty new comic by Chris Sheridan

So there is the dopest book out by Chris Sheridan called Motorcycle Samurai. It's a gritty new book I just read on comixology. Published by Top Shelf Comix, it weaves the tale a motorcycle riding samurai doing battle in the desert. Now I've only read the first issue and the Christmas special so I don't have a truck load of details for you, but check out the synopsis below from Top Shelf:

"Get in on the ground floor of something spectacular: Issue Zero of Chris Sheridan's MOTORCYCLE SAMURAI!

This Comic-Con special release sets the stage for our saga: a grueling desert wasteland, a mysterious stranger bound and hooded on the back of a motorcycle, and a tough-as-nails warrior out to deliver her cargo by any means necessary.

Astonishing new cartoonist Chris Sheridan, previously unpublished but already praised as "whimsical and dramatic" by ComicsAlliance, blends elements of Mad Max and Kill Bill with loose-limbed energetic artwork and a jaw-dropping use of digital panel transitions. Strap in and let's ride!

A 120-"page" digital comic, featuring innovative transitions developed with Guided View by Comixology"

From what I have read it's an incredibly awesome comic. Comical and gritty, the artwork is just what I look for in a new comic. It flows freely and is unrestrained. I have been reading the digital comics which are unlike any digital comic I have ever read. It seems to flow frame by frame and the characters actually seem to speak one at a time. To snatch it up now you can put the digital copy on your device here

Peep the art work by Chris Sheridan below. Peace!!

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