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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Spider-Man is Black.....

Peter Parker is Dead. He was killed in an epic battle with the Green Goblin. But as the world mourned his passing......there was a new Spider-man poised to take his place.....yup it seems there were two radioactive spiders that bit another kid. and yes he's black......
Now its good to keep in mind this is all in line with Marvels Ultimate line of comics. its like a parallel universe that is similar to the regular one. But how did Peter die?

Everybody thought Norman Osborn was dead. But the good folks at S.H.I.E.L.D had him locked up......the short version is that Spidey tries to protect his family, gets shot in the stomach, Doc Ock is killed for refusing to kill spidey, Aunt May blasts a hole through Electro's chest with a gun, and finally after being beat down by the Sandman, The Green Goblin and others, He dies unmasked after beating the Green Goblin Repeatedly with....A VAN!!! *WOW* With his dying breath....he tells Aunt May he did it.....he saved her unlike he was able to save Uncle Ben.

Miles Morales, The New Kid on The Block is from Brooklyn. Son of a Black Father and Puerto Rican mother. He's pretty much a nerd like Peter was and got his powers when his uncle (the super crook Prowler) stole some tech from OsCorp and another radioactive Spider crawled into his bag. When Miles visits his Unc, he gets bitten, passes out and wakes up being awesome!!! He finds he can climb walls, has speed, strength, agility.....all the "coolest" spider powers......but this guy can turn invisible (stealth camouflage), and can paralyze enemies with just a touch. He seems pretty cool.
Now I am a bit late....I've known that Ultimate Spiderman died a while back.....i honestly stopped reading the ultimate titles after the first Arc. I glanced online as i was buying comics....saw something about Ultimate Comics Spider-man and didn't really check it wasn't until I was talking with my homie, Comics Guru, @DwainIBe on Twitter, he hipped me to the fact that Spidey was black and his name was Miles Morales........I almost fainted...

I haven't read it yet (and I sooo want to), but from what I have been finding out about the reviews and from fans, the reception has been very good. People have been loving the new vibe. I wont lie to you and try to be PC by saying i'm not proud that "My Spider-Man is black" , I grew up looking up to spidey, supes and bats, but not seeing a great deal of my self reflected in the characters. I just told my son about the new Spiderman....and when he finally stopped freaking out beacuse Peter  Parker was dead (father of the year), the first thing he said was....."Daddy, he looks like me”.......that made me happy for him because I didn't get that growing up. The Thought of Black and Latino kids being able to have a hero with high moral standards, be able to be looked up too is kinda cool.

Thanks to an informative article I read in GhettoManga Quarterly (order I wonder how the creator Brian Michael Bendis (who writes well) will write for him. I won't go into the details for the article, which is very awesome, but it changed my perspective as a reader, particularly as a black reader of black characters, and how people of color can be (inadvertently) portrayed in certain lights. Well, What do you think? Are you as excited about the new Spider-Man as I am True Believers? let me know what you think....PEACE!!!!
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