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I work in the education field by day and I draw comics by night. Is that like a Secret Identity? A comics junkie, Star Wars fan, writer, and an illustrator. On this site I review comic books and draw comics. You will find my own Art here as well as the Art of other artist I love and respect. 

I work on several projects at a time but I am always available for freelance projects at very reasonable prices. To contact me for Art work please Email me at Due to my busy schedule, I may not be able to get back to you right away so it's OK to email me twice if needed. Or check me out on twitter.

If you are on twitter and you want updates on my latest reviews, Art, comic progress, or you just wanna be pals please follow me @Mutantstarr.

I am into video games and I do review them from time to time. Not as much as I do comics but I will. I am mostly into platform games but will review sports, 1st person shooters, RPG, MMO, handheld and Cell phone games. 

I am currently working out all the kinks in my upcoming comics and will be dropping my web comic first......stay tuned.

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