Halloween fell on a Weekend.

Check out this pilot I'm testing out for a comic strip. Its based on the old school Getoboys track "My Minds Playing Tricks On Me"....

The song is one of the best examples of nuance in hip hop. It handled mental health issues like depression and suicide, the struggles of being in the dope game and constantly looking over your shoulder and drug abuse/ schizophrenia.  I personally consider it the best Halloween song in hiphop.

If for some reason you have no idea what I'm referencing, check it out here 》My minds playing tricks on me


Boston Metaphysical Society

A Steampunk Supernatural Mystery

The Boston Metaphysical Society is a brand new six issue mini-series web comic. Created by Madeleine Holly-Rosing with art by Emily Hu, this comic is one of a kind. The description for the book goes as follows:

"The year is 1895....An evil from a parallel dimension escaped and now roams the city of Boston.
Our world has developed along the lines of Steampunk technology, but with a modern twist.
Here exists steam driven rudimentary computers and electronics. And dirigibles rule the sky. But with it comes the social and political upheaval as not everyone is comfortable with change. In fact, many people fear it. That fear and the violence that followed caused a psychic rift to puncture the veil of space and time allowing an entity known as "The Shifter" to escape.
And the only people who stand a chance in hell of destroying it are: Samuel Hunter, ex-Pinkerton Detective Caitlin O'Sullivan, Medium and Spirit Photographer and Granville Woods, Scientist Extraordinaire. 
They Are The Boston Metaphysical Society."

Thumbnail1.jpgThe comic is easy to read and it catches your attention right off the bat with the writing and the art. The pacing of the book is great for a web comic and honestly, the only thing that I want differently are quicker post for the stories. It's that interesting.

 It Post once a week every Thursday. The style of the story is new and fresh, blending cool tech with old school ways almost reminiscent to me of Full Metal Alchemist. Another interesting element of the series are the introductions of historical figures like Harry Houdini and Thomas Edison which will promise to combine science with mystical arts and showmanship.

To read the Web Comic and become an avid fan, check out by clicking this link RIGHT HERE!! The comic is already picking up steam and is being looked at by some heavy hitters Archaia being one of them. Pretty amazing feat considering this is the first comic ever by Holly-Rosing and Hu. Check out the 3 page preview below and comment below. And as always...Peace!!!


 Follow  Madeleine Holly-Rosing on twitter @mhollyrosing

Michonne's Origin Story Preview


Well, I was worried. I hadn't seen Allen or his wife and kids, Shane lived through the second season, the CDC, no Wilshire Estates, Sophia and Dale are dead ,Fat Otis, No Tyrese, and who the @#$%^ are Daryl and T-Dog? For those of you who are only fans of AMC's The Walking Dead and you have never read the comics, you might be like, What is this dude talking about? Well these are things that are different in the comics but as my wife and I watched the 2nd season of the series...we both began to be shocked and enjoy the changes..... But there was a growing fear in our minds with each drastic change was "What if Michonne never shows up?" 

But lo-and-behold.....Andrea left behind...on the ground and and surrounded by Zombies.....just when she was out of ammo and can't run anymore......a single swift Katana cuts the head off  the walker. and then, briefly....you see her.....MICHONNE!!!!

SPOILER ALERT: Actress and Playwright Danai Gurira will play the ex lawyer-turned enforcer, bodyguard and guardian angel for Rick and his crew. She carries around two zombies on a leash (who were her boyfriend and his best friend). I ain't gonna give away too much, cause I may be giving spoiler alerts all over the place, but trust me when I say, if she is anything like the comic Michonne, Season 3 is gonna rock your world!!!

Aw Shucks.....look at Old Uncle Mutantstarr getting all emotional.......Look below those who are not reading the comics and everyone else who is....my gift to you....Michonne's Origin story!!!!

To get the full skinny on this story, check out Playboy, (not sure which issue I don't read it). What do you think of the new Michonne on the walking dead. What do you think of the actress? Let us know what's up....PEACE!!!!




So what exactly do you get when you cross the Wizard of Oz with a back drop of the Color Purple? Well you get an epic adventure called Bayou. It's the tale of a little black girl named Lee who's on a quest with a Jazz playing Swamp Beast on a quest to save her father and her best friend and play mate (who happens to be white). Now for those of you reading this who are not familiar with the Color Purple, it was set during some extremely hostile racial times (at least for black folk). Of course you know the Wizard of Oz (which coincidentally was also set  in racially hostile times) gives us a whimsical tale in a wonderland with lots of lovable creatures. 

Lee (the black girl pictured above) is the daughter of a sharecropper during the depression and she plays with her friend Lily (the white girl pictured above) and looses her necklace in the swamp. Now Lily's mom who is obviously abusive warned her not to lose the necklace. Out of fear Lily begs Lee to get the necklace but Lee refuses so when Lily goes home she says Lee stole it. Of course this gets the Sheriff and the whole town involved. Later Lily is eaten whole by a man who disappears into the swamp (which Lee witness's) and it starts off the accusation that Lee's father kidnapped her. Of course when Lee says what really happens no one believes her and the Lynching is set. Lee has only a day or 2 to find her friend and clear her dads name, so she sets off for an adventure into the world under the swamp and meets a Jazz playing monster named BAYOU. 
Bayou at zudacomics.com

Written and Drawn by Jeremy Love who was responsible for the gettosake web comics like Chocolate Thunder and Venus Kincade more notably the comic Furious. His drawing style to me has always been second to non.he creates a really cool tale of mystery, suspense, and a supernatural fantasy-land that will make your head spin. Animals wearing clothes, monsters, and odd creatures help create a new mythology.

Bayou at zudacomics.com

To find out more on this comic and the now defunct ZUDA comics publisher click here and do a search at [ZUDA COMICS]. It's available for digital download on Sony and Comixology. Enjoy the snippets of the comic here.



So the 60's and 70's come along and there are a lot of books that make social commentary, which is no big shocker because many comics, since they have been around, have made some sort of social commentary or another about something, whether it was war, poverty or whatever....it seemed the best was done through Marvel comics but then DC released in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #106 "I Am Curious Black". In it, Lois does a story on....get this...."Little Africa", in Metropolis and the black folks are so distrusting of white people ,that they won't even speak to her. She is also berated by a black man holding a "street meeting" for other black folks.

Then in an attempt to "connect" with black people, she uses her boyfriend Superman's "Plastimold" Machine to turn black for a day. She meets the black man who talked bad about her, befriends him and then helps him stop a drug deal where, he gets shot.....oddly enough, Superman (who had been following Lois to make sure she didn't get in trouble) shows up after the brother gets shot (how often does that happen) and stops the bad guys. Lois gives her blood to help him live and the revelation that their blood is the same is FINALLY realized.....I mean who knew....

Don't get my sarcastic tone twisted........the writers of this book didn't mean to come across as racist (and to me, it does come across as racist) but I think that they were making a serious attempt to talk about a sensitive topic. However sometimes people, when they don't know enough about a culture, will make an attempt to talk about it but make simple mistakes or use offensive terms (i.e. non black folks using the N word just to be trendy). Of course they had the best of intentions and some of the formula may have worked in the day it was written but by today's standards it comes off as condescending. Check out the Full comic below and let me know what you think ....what's your opinion on this one? PEACE.

Halloween fell on a Weekend.

Check out this pilot I'm testing out for a comic strip. Its based on the old school Getoboys track "My Minds Playing Tricks On Me&q...

Web Comic

Web Comic
Click here to read it


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