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Tuesday, January 31, 2012



So the 60's and 70's come along and there are a lot of books that make social commentary, which is no big shocker because many comics, since they have been around, have made some sort of social commentary or another about something, whether it was war, poverty or seemed the best was done through Marvel comics but then DC released in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #106 "I Am Curious Black". In it, Lois does a story on....get this...."Little Africa", in Metropolis and the black folks are so distrusting of white people ,that they won't even speak to her. She is also berated by a black man holding a "street meeting" for other black folks.

Then in an attempt to "connect" with black people, she uses her boyfriend Superman's "Plastimold" Machine to turn black for a day. She meets the black man who talked bad about her, befriends him and then helps him stop a drug deal where, he gets shot.....oddly enough, Superman (who had been following Lois to make sure she didn't get in trouble) shows up after the brother gets shot (how often does that happen) and stops the bad guys. Lois gives her blood to help him live and the revelation that their blood is the same is FINALLY realized.....I mean who knew....

Don't get my sarcastic tone twisted........the writers of this book didn't mean to come across as racist (and to me, it does come across as racist) but I think that they were making a serious attempt to talk about a sensitive topic. However sometimes people, when they don't know enough about a culture, will make an attempt to talk about it but make simple mistakes or use offensive terms (i.e. non black folks using the N word just to be trendy). Of course they had the best of intentions and some of the formula may have worked in the day it was written but by today's standards it comes off as condescending. Check out the Full comic below and let me know what you think ....what's your opinion on this one? PEACE.


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