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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Michonne's Origin Story Preview


Well, I was worried. I hadn't seen Allen or his wife and kids, Shane lived through the second season, the CDC, no Wilshire Estates, Sophia and Dale are dead ,Fat Otis, No Tyrese, and who the @#$%^ are Daryl and T-Dog? For those of you who are only fans of AMC's The Walking Dead and you have never read the comics, you might be like, What is this dude talking about? Well these are things that are different in the comics but as my wife and I watched the 2nd season of the series...we both began to be shocked and enjoy the changes..... But there was a growing fear in our minds with each drastic change was "What if Michonne never shows up?" 

But lo-and-behold.....Andrea left behind...on the ground and and surrounded by Zombies.....just when she was out of ammo and can't run anymore......a single swift Katana cuts the head off  the walker. and then, see her.....MICHONNE!!!!

SPOILER ALERT: Actress and Playwright Danai Gurira will play the ex lawyer-turned enforcer, bodyguard and guardian angel for Rick and his crew. She carries around two zombies on a leash (who were her boyfriend and his best friend). I ain't gonna give away too much, cause I may be giving spoiler alerts all over the place, but trust me when I say, if she is anything like the comic Michonne, Season 3 is gonna rock your world!!!

Aw Shucks.....look at Old Uncle Mutantstarr getting all emotional.......Look below those who are not reading the comics and everyone else who gift to you....Michonne's Origin story!!!!

To get the full skinny on this story, check out Playboy, (not sure which issue I don't read it). What do you think of the new Michonne on the walking dead. What do you think of the actress? Let us know what's up....PEACE!!!!



Anonymous said...

I don't like the cover of that issue! Michonne CANT DIE!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I can't wait. May end up getting the comic book after all!

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